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Michael C. Bell

SWYH is the perfect solution to my video playback needs! Recently purchased the SONOS Play:1 as my Primary Computer Sound System. By itself, SONOS is wonderful for Music! The available music sources via the SONOS controller app is worth the purchase alone, but I wanted it for my video library also.
Much to my surprise, that’s not the use that SONOS anticipated. Enter SWYH.
It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Then, Thanks to Maik for the second piece of the puzzle of Adding a Radio Station on the SONOS Controller App.
The next piece is VLC, easily the ONLY video player that I use. Wouldn’t you know it? The Latency of the streaming signal causes a delay between the video and the sound via the SONOS. But the folks at VLC anticipated synchronization problems! From the Menu, select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Track Synchronization’. This will pop-up the ‘Adjustments and Effects’. Select the ‘Synchronization’ tab, and use the down arrow on the ‘Audio Track Synchronization’ to adjust the sound and video to your satisfaction. For me and my setup, it’s about a 3.00 second Hasten. Your results may differ.
Finally. A setup I can live with. Thanks SWYH.


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