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Here is the final version. It starts Stream What You Hear rendering to my UPnP/DLNA renderer and mutes the system volume when you press Ctrl+Shift+S (for Stream). Press Ctrl+Shift+S again and it will exit SWYH and unmute your system volume):


Process, Exist, %exe% ; check to see if program is running
If (ErrorLevel = 0) ; If program is not running -> Run
Run, C:\Program Files (x86)\Stream What You Hear\SWYH.exe –streamto:”foobar2000 Renderer (User) [Gaurav-PC]”
SoundSet, 1, , mute
Else ; If program is running, ErrorLevel = process id for the target program -> Close
Process, Close, %ErrorLevel%
SoundSet, 0, , mute

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