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@ Darcy
SWYH or rather the used audio capture “device” WASAPI has little to none delay at all.
Blame Sonos for their way to decode mp3 frames when live streaming (http chuncked – most likely they use FFmpeg which wastes about 10 secs to get the mime type of the stream zZzzzZZZz). If you want a lower delay stream in wav / lpcm.

Just a note:
As long as you stream in mp3 a lot of devices will have about 10 secs of delay. Doesn’t matter if the sender is e.g. an Android device streaming via AirAudio or Allstream etc. and the receiver a Sonos box or Kodi or whatever.
You can check via a second PC and playing the live stream with vlc / windows media player: http://ipaddress:port/swyh/swyh.mp3. No delay at all…

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