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I have been looking for a solution to allow any audio on my PC to be delivered across my Sonos… Sonos seem very unresponsive!
I tried a couple of other streamers, but so far SWYH seems simplest… I had some issues setting up… needed to select the specific port option… It now works if I add the stream as a Sonos Radio Station… (but will not work if I try and start the stream from SWYH… I just get the “Unable to play ‘smyh.mp3’ – the song is not encoded correctly.” message)….
But starting the stream from within Sonos works fine every time so far…
Sonos should get behind this!.. it allows anything that can be rendered to a PC to be played cleanly on Sonos… listen again, podcasts etc.

Excellent product, thanks. Try and sell it to Sonos to embed in their client. G.

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