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I confirm what Chris Yarrow said. I also have the MCI500H and I did what Chris Yarrow explained. It works OK.
I will add add another thing : Prior to copy the HTTP Live Streaming URL in the URL field, you have set SWYH to use the same HTTP port.

You go in Settings>Use specific HTTP port.
Then, you do

I then went into my Streamium Management at and clicked on the “Go To” link under “My Media”. I pasted the HTTP Live Streaming URL in the URL field and set the Mimetype in accordance with your SWYH settings (i.e. MP3 or PCM/L16) and set the description and nickname to “Stream What You Hear”.

If you don’t set “use specific HTTP port”, I noticed that SWYH change the port when you restart the computer or the software. As a consequence, the HTTP Live Streaming URL is no more valid.

I hope that the lag between the PC and the HIFI device could be solved or improved.

Anyway, the software really cool ! Nice work !

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