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Hi, as all people here, i get really surprise not to be able to play youtube on my brand newPlay1. You really lost half the use of the stuff
It is weird to be told to buy the playbar to be able to get youtube via a cable and chromecast. First if i bought a play1 it is because i don’t have the money to buy a playbar or the sonos connect. Second it is stange to have a wireless solution and to be told to connect via a cable. That last one is really disapointing.

So I really thank people of Stream What your hear. They must be genius to be able to do thing that a big company cannot achieve with all there money and enginers.

To help others, the standard intall didnot work. So I try the stream via a radio creation (top post MAIK). This last one is working well. The 2 secondes delay is not an issue because I use my sonos to hear music in a different room.


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