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1. Thanks Sebastien for all your work, we know it applies to myriad cases/brands/possibilities.

2. Like users of other brands, those of us who use #Sonos are trying to liberate streams that #Sonos has not added/negotiated to its lineup, e.g.

Since when using SWYH one has to open EDIT in order to update as well as right-click on SWYH icon (bottom right on Windows 8.1), Tools, HTTP Live Streaming every single time, and in my case I’m no programmer/coder/true STEMie, could any of you Sonos fans out there with programming/coding knowledge collaborate and make SWYH work easy and well on Win 8 (10?) and Mac OS (El Capitan?) …c’mon smart music-maniacs, make it work easy for the rest of us! Please!


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