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Wishlist/fantasy: #Sonos buys SWYH from you and they customize it to make it work 100% easy/well from Windows and Mac OS for their products. Have you ever approached them? If you look at Sonos forums, official and other, tons of users TRULY want the MANY streaming possibilities of audio (web based & software) and all sorts of contents liberated from lengthy negotiations in order to play via Sonos and distribute sound all over the house.

I’d commend you to get your entrepreneurial spirit going and contact Sonos, your product along with your consulting expertise could make you nice extra cash.

Me? Fan of #Sonos #Apple and many others, a brand mgmt/research/biz-development/marketing enthusiast and a multi-streamer e.g. here’s an OLD blog of mine

I’m glad I searched until I found SWYH. Thanks for your heard work …when it works well/easy I really enjoy SWYH i.e. this week #Beats1 over #itunes, #RBMA, Dash Radio, etc.

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