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I hope Greig may be able to help me, as this follows on from his post of 2nd May.

I am using Stream What You Hear successfully, having followed Maik’s advice (thank you Maik!) – but I am struggling using VLC to beat “the delay”, which in my case is just on 3 seconds.

I can set up SWYH with the requisite delay, and I can set up my SWYH HTTP address as a Podcast address. I can also set up a Stream, but I am very unclear what settings to use. Trawling all over the net, I decided to ask VLC to stream to the IP address of my SONOS ( but is this right? If I ought to be using the Streaming facility and not the Podcast, maybe the address should be that of SWYH’s HTTP address? Advice?

At present the problem that I THINK that I have is how to get a video clip, or a wireless stream that is playing happily on the SONOS from my desktop, to do so via VLC. In other words how to force VLC to become my default Media Player. But I may be wrong in thinking that!

The symptom I have is that I cannot get any of the buttons (play, pause etc) in the VLC dialogue to work. Is it possible that Adobe Flash Player has decided it is my default Media Player? That would be just like Adobe…..

An additional twist is that I like to use Chrome as my browser. It seems to me that in any event I shall not be able to use Chrome with VLC after September, or whenever Google finally remove any aspect of NPAPI support (NB I have not a clue what NPAPI means, I just think it might be something to do with my problem – EXCEPT that I have tried with Internet Explorer as well, and can’t get what I want with that either). So I do accept that the best I may be able to achieve in any event is no delay if I use Internet Explorer only. Or Firefox of course.

Greig or anyone, I should be hugely grateful for your comments/advice!

Many thanks,


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