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RE: Scotsman I think if the US and the West take the route that they will live within their own means, the govt will spend what it can affrod, take on debt to invest and follow general conservative economics THEN it will be nasty. People who were riding new BMWs will have to ride in Honda Civics, houses will be built smaller, people will not splurge on vacations. This means high unemployment for a very long time. People will be upset. They had a good time, they spent a lot, they know how to consume. Asking those people to live within their own means is absurd. So if you take the route that you have to consume more than you produce and you do not invest much because it is a pain THEN- YOU Need to PRINT and then print some more- HIKE and relaxBasically the alternative that you propose is a good one but it is painful. Nobody wants a painful alternative. People like raises, more good products on the market etc. Look at Latvia. They were consuming like crazy just like the US and moved to conservative economics. What did it do to them? Now they barely make ends meet. Do you want this for the US? You can get out of this recession by printing and on the back of China and the rest of the world. IMF preaches conservative economics to other countries but you do not want to follow what it preaches at all costs. Now with this potentially messed up approach there is an issue. Countries such as China may sniff that sthg is foul and will want to produce the toys for their own people. This will a big whammy for the US. So you need to smoke them and send them the US flag. You can tell them that we know how 3rd world countries struggle and we can send them some IMF experts to tell them how to run their economy. This could be equivalent of modern slavery. 1 country works to produce lots of goods for another country for peanuts. Rate this comment: 0 0

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