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the deepest she ever went into any issue was to read the eucvxtiee summary.A meeting between Obama and Tony Hayward reeks of being nothing but a photo op. What are they going to do but say You better fix it and We’re doing everything we can. Face it, all the real work, and all the technical knowledge is located at levels well below Obama and Hayward.And for better or worse, liberals are stuck with their own ideals. It’s not like Cheney’s here and we can get some emotional satisfaction by publicly water boarding Hayward or anything. Or maybe call him a corporate terrorist and wrap little C4 charges around his genitals and threaten to set it off if he doesn’t stop the leak. Or can we just declare war on corporate irresponsibility so its OK to torture corporate wrongdoers? And sell rights to the live super slo-mo of Haywards nuts emulating the expanding universe in the big bang. Don’t criminal wrongdoers have to pay restitution? Maybe the TV rights would pay enough to cover the clean up costs. That’s to clean up the oil spill, not the studio.But remember, if the penalty is to high, no corporate eucvxtiee will risk the consequences associated with deep sea drilling. If you want them to drill, they’re always going to want a profit and probably a safe harbor standard to avoid catastrophic liability and the potential risk of another big bang.The irony of Sarah’s blog is that its a fairly cogent argument for bigger government in the form of increased regulation. Obviously she (or more likely those who assist her in formulating conscious thought) would say its for better not more regulation. Rate this comment: 0 0

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