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RE: Thank you for a very good clip. There are two things missnig, and the first is the George Bush no new taxes results. The second is that the clip only addresses the Iraq war from Bush IIs term. The war itself is only mentioned as if it is the only expense we have from a presence in the Middle East. The clip never looks at our importation of oil. The war in Iraq, and to some degree our presence in Afganistan, are a direct result of protecting our oil interests.Oil is mentioned as a part of the trade deficit. What happens if we just say, hey, we have our own oil, we can create other energy resources here in our country, and make energy a National Interest Issue?The debt is nothing, according to the clip, if we just become self suffecient. If we were to employ every American that is able to work for one decade, which we can, we would be in the black. Also, the military budget is losing money. We dump war products around the world without a return on that investment. In my life time I have heard two descriptions of the military. It either defends the American way of life, or it exports, the American way of life. What’s only ever mentioned in passing is that in Iraq there is a program that partners with war lords who want to make money. Iraq is the center of all trade in the Middle East, and as Americans, we refuse to invest in the economy. Where is there higher ground, taking a profit for our efforts there or killing people? Rate this comment: 0 0

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