Crash during stream-starting on DLNA-Devices from \\\"SilverCrest\\\"

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    Hey there,

    SWYH is a great tool, without any doubts.. But unfortunatley it dont work with DLNA-devices of the german (?) brand “SilverCrest”. I mean the multiroom-speaker-system of the Lidl-Group (onlineshop).

    After starting the SWYH-stream on pc i can’t get a bridge to the devices. The devices – on the other side – detect the stream, but cannot run it (both types of the stream), too. They’re crashing, the internetradio of “SilverCrest” shows something like a bluescreen and his ambilights to demonstrate its listlessness ;>.

    The free version of Jamcast is working very well with the devices… -_-

    Is there any solution for the problem in sight?




    Hello together

    I have the same issue. I can hear the sound for one second and than nothing.
    On the display I can see the address of streaming service


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