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    It Crashes when you try to start the program
    Windows 8.1 x64


    Same with Win7 x64

    Same with Win7 x64



    Same problem. Crashes on startup with Windows 8.1 x64



    Hi guys,

    It’s most probably because you have an other audio device active, other than your regular sound device (like an USB headset, or other external sound card / devices). Or the rate in the driver of your sound card is set too high. StreamWhatYouHear supports up to 48kHz in 16 bits. Try switching to this setting and I’m sure it’ll work. =)

    I got mine to work just fine on win 7.



    I disabled my audio device completely. SWYH still crashed on startup..



    The check the bitrate of the setting from your main sound device / card that is used to play the music. This can not ben higher than 16bits and 48Khz.



    Same problems in W8.1 64 bit. Crashes when SWYH is started up. The problem is not my soundcart which has the right configuration.
    When SWYH is started up right and it is not crashed, than SWYH cannot find the audio server/adaptor, and then it crashes after about 1 minute. Although the wireless adaptor is seen in Windows there is no communication.

    Who can help?

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