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    I’m using SWYH on Denon Ceol N9 over wifi. It works but with some delay how can I improve this? What would be the best recommended setting?

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    I’m having the same issue, there is about 20 secends delay between the audio being played on the media centre. Would love to fix this.

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    Hi. I’ve had the same problem when watching movies.

    What I found to fix the problem is to shift the audio (unsynchronized audio and image). The software Gom Player has a “Shift audio” function. I use the letter “>” to shift to 5.8 seconds and it perfectly synchronize the movie with the sound. Enjoy 😉

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    I would love this as well. I am streaming sky from my PC to the kitchen. I have currently a delay of 10 seconds in it (not unusable but it could be better)…

    Does anybody have a clue who is responsible? The buffering of the speaker or a delay in the software?

    I am an experienced software developer and would invest some time in the software, if there is a chance to get it improved.


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