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    First of all thanks for this great piece of software. This is exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

    There is just one thing I’ve notices. When SWYH is active it causes 90% CPU load on all of my 4 CPU cores.

    Is this technical mandatory or is there something wrong with my configuration?


    Thanks in advance!


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    Oh dear! Sorry for the typos in the heading..

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    In addition I’m facing memory leaks of about 1 MB per minute. Currently the process allocates ~240MB (growing).

    Let’s see what happens when paging comes up.. 😀

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    After a little bit of investigation it seems that the application opens a huge number of udp sockets, but never closes them. After streaming about 10 minutes I have already about 100 open UDP ports. It seems possible that this is responsible for the memory leak and thus the growing cpu load.

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    I am having the same problem, the CPU load is around 75% in my laptop.

    Not only that, but every time I open a browser tab or do something else on the laptop, music stutters badly on my (remote) speakers, even stops for several seconds. As soon as I shut SWYH down, the CPU load goes back to 10%.

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    Same here, and I noticed that the device I use as a media renderer (Roberts Stream 83i) also shows a “buffer bar”, which demonstrates that the audio buffer is constantly underrun.

    Anyone from the dev team reading this?

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