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    Until yesterday SWYH was work perfectly with Sonos. Then it stopped. I’ve gone through the process of getting a new URL and placing it in Sonos, I’ve tried to send it directly to a device and I’ve gone through the forum to find a solution but nothing. The message that Sonos is giving me it “Unable to play ‘Computer’ – Unable to connect to”. Computer is the name of the radio station I created in Sonos and the URL is what was provided by SWYH.
    Does anyone have ANY other ideas?


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    Liz Parker

    I have a new laptop and cannot get swyh to work either. It still works fine on my old PC, but I need to replace that. The only difference I can see is that the old PC has been upgraded to Win10, but the new laptop came wit Win10 pre-installed.

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    I just installed SWYH today and updated my Sonos 1 to the latest software. SWYH is working great for me on Windows 8 (haven’t tried it on a Win 7 or 10 pc yet).

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    Same issue here. I cannot get http streaming working on my sonos from windows 10

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    Jacob Ell

    I am not even able to find the menu “tools” when I right click on the icon on windows 10??

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    Same issue here. Right click shows no result (Windows 10 Version 1703 Creator Update).
    WIs there a workaround?

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