Getting Started

Before installation


  • Windows users can simply run the downloaded installer and go through the wizard.

install2install3install4install5install6 install8

Start SWYH

  • In the “Start Menu”, launch the “Stream What You Hear (SWYH)” application :


  • Click-right on the icon to show the menu :


Stream the local sound on other compliant device

If the device is an “UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer”

    1. Right-click on the SWYH icon in the systray
    2. Go to “Stream to” menu
    3. Select your device and wait few seconds

Note : by default, SWYH use MP3 format. You can switch with PCM/L16 format in the Settings.


To use the Xbox 360 as receiver, you need to select “PCM/L16” format !

If the device is an “UPnP/DLNA Media Player”

  1. Go to your device and manually discover the UPnP/DLNA Media Server
  2. Select the “Stream What You Hear” device
  3. Enter into the folder “Music” or search by Artist or Album
  4. Play the file “Stream What You Hear”

For example with Windows Media Player on another computer :


If the device doesn’t support the DLNA

    • In the menu open “Tools > HTTP Live Streaming”


    • Note or “Copy” the HTTP Live Streaming URI


    • Open this URI on another device

Record What You Hear

  • In the menu open “Tools > Record What You Hear”


  • Click on “Record” to start recording
  • Click on “Stop” to stop recording and save the MP3 file

Having trouble?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your setup, please check the Forums and F.A.Q..