Stream What You Hear (SWYH) is a Windows application to broadcast the sound of your computer (ie: “what you hear”) on an UPnP/DLNA device such as TVs, amps, network receivers, game consoles, etc…

SWYH is developed by Sébastien Warin who currently lives in Lille (France). The first version of this project was written in July 2012 and published in October 2012.

Find the original article’s of this project posted on October 12, 2012 (in French) : http://sebastien.warin.fr/2012/10/12/1186-swyh-stream-what-you-hear-envoyer-le-son-de-votre-pc-windows-sur-un-lecteur-upnp-dlna/

Since June 2015, SWYH is open source to enable everyone to understand, diagnose, fix and improve this great application : https://github.com/StreamWhatYouHear/SWYH

This software uses :

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  • Denon CEOL RDC N10

    Bonjour, Je tente depuis hier de faire fonctionner SWYH avec un ampli Denon CEOL RDC N10 annoncé comme sachant se…
  • Stream stops after one second

    Stream from notebook to wifi adapter, stops allways after one second.
  • Crashes at startup

    Hello everyone, I receive an immediate error at startup of SWYH. “An unhandled error has occured ! See the ‘SWYH_crash.log’…
  • FIX for high cpu usage

    Hi Sébastien, you are using a busy loop and therefore blocking a whole core. See private void PageHandler(OpenSource.UPnP.UPnPDevice sender, OpenSource.UPnP.HTTPMessage…
  • Fehler: Abspielpuffer und keine Musik gestreamt

    Hallo, ich finde das Programm und die Idee toll. Kompliment und danke für die viele Arbeit. Ich wollte SWYH ausprobieren…
  • Setting Options

    I am attempting to connect Win7 to Denon DN-350UI, but am not sure if I am using the correct ‘Settings’…

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